Crystal Mangum — The Duke Lacrosse Hoax


March 14, 2006: The notorious Duke lacrosse case. This is one of the most outrageous and thoroughly documented false rape allegations of our times. Crystal Mangum turned up at the designated venue around 23.40 on March 13. She and Kim Roberts, another exotic dancer, were scheduled to perform for members of the Duke University lacrosse team. The show started at midnight and finished at 5 minutes past. Mangum was drunk and had also taken a muscle relaxant. Afterwards, she had to be carried to the car, and was driven away by Roberts. She would shortly make a number of conflicting false rape allegations which were described by Roberts as a “crock”.

Although there was no physical evidence that Mangum had been raped vaginally, orally or anally (she claimed all three), there was DNA evidence that she had recently had intimate contact with four males, none of them the men she had accused.

Mangum was never prosecuted for telling such outrageous lies, but District Attorney Mike Nifong ended up losing both his job and his freedom (he spent one day in gaol) for wilfully endorsing them. In November 2013, Mangum was convicted of murdering her lover Reginald Daye, and sentenced to a maximum of 18 years in prison. There is an extensive literature on this case including Race to Injustice: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE DUKE LACROSSE RAPE CASE, Edited by Michael L. Seigel, published by Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina, (2009).


Duke lacrosse rape liar and later convicted murderess Crystal Gail Mangum.

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