Wanetta Gibson and Brian Banks — an innocent youth pleads guilty


July 8, 2002: This widely reported case needs no citations, but see this video from just after 26 minutes. Brian Banks is accused by Wanetta Gibson of raping her at their school in Long Beach, California. No sex – consensual or other – had taken place, yet he was charged. Football player Banks was 6 feet 4, and over 15 stone; he said he was told by his lawyer that if he pleaded not guilty, the jury would see only a black thug who had preyed on a young victim. Facing a ludicrously long sentence, with great reluctance he pleaded NO CONTEST, and received a 6 year sentence. After 5 years he was paroled and forced to register as a sex offender. Then, incredibly, Gibson contacted him through Facebook and said she wanted to take up where they had left off. She would eventually retract her claim on camera, and Banks would take up his football career.


False accuser Wanetta Gibson and her victim Brian Banks; unlike
most of the female victims in this database, his tears were genuine.

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