Bryan Singer — falsely accused celebrity and others

April 16, 2014: A lawsuit is filed in the District Court of Hawaii against the film director Bryan Singer. The man who filed this suit was Michael F. Egan III, and his allegations were historical in nature.

Before going any further, let it be acknowledged that sexual depravity (including the casting couch) and recreational drug use are not exactly alien to Hollywood, but the claims levelled against Singer were of a different order of magnitude. Historical allegations are often difficult to dispove, so if the accuser tells a compelling story snivelling into her handkerchief from behind a screen in the courtroom, the poor sap may well be convicted. Thankfully, in this civil case, the male false accuser went way over the top, and no one who mattered appears to have been impressed by the tears of his mother. There follow two video clips:

This first video was uploaded to YouTube on April 17, 2014. He doesn't mention Singer here by name, but we are told this phantom abuse was not the work of one man, rather it was carried out by a network of powerful paedophiles. Note too that he was abusing alcohol, and that he went into therapy, which could perhaps indicate recovered (false) memories?

The second video was uploaded to YouTube on April 22, 2014. The names Garth Ancier (television executive), Gary Goddard (theatre producer) and David Neuman (film producer) are thrown in by his attorney, in that order. We also hear from his tearful mother.

So how did this great Hollywood paedophile ring fantasy play out? Egan was joined by an unidentified British plaintiff who sued using the same attorney, Jeff Herman, but that suit was voluntarily withdrawn, then Herman withdrew from the Egan case leaving him to act in person. Egan had already dropped his suits against Messrs Ancier and Neuman. In June 2015, Herman and another former Egan attorney issued a public apology to Ancier and Neuman, augmenting it with a “substantial” payment. This could have been because at that time Egan was awaiting sentencing in North Carolina after pleading guilty to fraud charges. Between 2007 and 2012, Egan defrauded a number of people out of over $300,000, probably by trading on his brief career as a model and his association with Hollywood big names like Singer. This fraud was said to have involved faked documents, which does what for his credibility?

In December 2015, this professional con artist received a rather light two year sentence.

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