JACK REBOLLEDO — Indiana Doesn’t Want Him


June 18, 2018: In Indiana, Shelly Korous makes serious allegations against Jack Rebolledo, in particular she tries to frame him for aggravated rape. Unfortunately for her but not for him, he has a cast iron alibi, he is out of state.

The information on this page comes largely from the man himself, but is backed up by copious official documentation.

The photograph below is of an attractive, youngish woman, but the website from which it was lifted would make any streetwise dude think twice before asking her out on a date.

Jack and Shelly met in June 2007. At the time he stated that she told him she was separated awaiting to finalise her divorce. He would learn later that she did not file to divorce her first husband until April 2008. Until October 2007, she was having an affair with Jack while hiding this from her husband, and hiding her actual marriage from him.

The two did not marry until June 2013, a few weeks before he was sent to Afghanistan for a year. Jack had been married before too; in 2005 he was sent to Iraq for a year, and his marriage did not survive, something that is far from unusual with military personnel and others who lead a peripatetic lifestyle. This document which predates the incident by several years suggests there would be big trouble ahead, possibly in the form of suicide, but Jack married her anyway, even though she came with other baggage in the form of a son and daughter.

Fortunately she didn’t go down the suicide route, but whether or not her then medical problems (like her imaginary cancer!) played a role in what happened, by 2017 she was not only playing away but intent on getting rid of Rebolledo by hook or by crook. Fortunately for him she staged the assault and rape at a time when he was out of town and could prove it.

The tactics she used right up to the false assault and rape allegation are ones I have heard many times before from especially the United States where the Duluth model imposed by feminist indoctrination has allowed deranged or simply malicious women to destroy innocent men with impunity. About the only thing Rebolledo was not accused of was child sexual abuse.

The reason for her behaviour appears to have been her finding another lover – or mark – and deciding to take Jack to the cleaners before moving in with him.

This was a guy named Gregg. When Jack saw her messaging him on Facebook she told him he was her sister then admitted he was a dude but said he was a homosexual co-worker. That statement was partly true, his name was Gregg Thiel and he was the brother of one of Shelly’s colleagues from work.

In April 2018, Jack demanded a divorce. Her response was to accuse him of domestic violence and during a time when society demanded we believe all woman, the police promptly arrested him. While he was in the slammer, she cleaned out his bank account leaving him virtually destitute, but somehow he managed to survive. Jack maintained his innocence, but it was an uphill battle.

But Shelly had one more act up her sleeve; a plan that would solidify her earlier allegations, and ensure Jack was sent away for a long time while she cashed in on all of his assets.

On June 18, 2018, she wrote, directed and starred in a low budget drama wherein she meticulously staged a fake rape, going as far as inflicting injuries to herself, and you guessed it, pinned it on her estranged husband.

Here is the warrant application.

In retrospect, this was the best thing that could have happened to him because it undermined the previous domestic violence allegations and gave him leverage for any further civil proceedings.

Like many schemers, Shelly Korous left unanticipated loose ends. Surely she assumed the poor sap was sitting in his apartment across town alone and unable to provide an alibi to the authorities. What she didn’t know was that while she was putting her plan into action, her mark was actually on an airplane returning from the East coast of the United States.

As well as faking injuries she showed her vagina to her young son telling him “Look what Jack did to me”. Unreal.

Presented with a rock-solid alibi, the authorities had no choice but to turn their attention from him to her and start to question everything they had been told thus far about this case. Still not one to accept egg on his face, even after the case against Jack Rebolledo began to unwind, prosecutor Lee Buckingham pressed on, but eventually he had to throw in the towel.

As happens so often in cases like this, the authorities refused to prosecute the real perpetrator, but public pressure including through an on-line petition, changed that. On September 29, she was arrested.

Here is some more documentation.

Charged with false reporting and felony obstruction, she pleaded not guilty, then changed her plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.

The following two documents show how this case ended:

withholding of prosecution
and the final order.

In the UK, this bitch would have received a sentence of at least two years. It goes without saying that Jack was not a happy bunny.

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