Serial False Accuser Eleanor de Freitas and Alexander Economou


February 2012: Eleanor de Freitas makes a false rape allegation against an unidentified man.

The date and circumstances of her first false allegation are unclear. During his fight to have this FEMALE PSYCHOPATH held to account, Economou discovered (see below) he was not the first man she had accused of sexual impropriety. It has been reported this was only an allegation of attempted rape or perhaps of sexual assault. It has been claimed the victim was her landlord. Unlike in the United States where the authorities release bundles of material in such cases, very little usually comes to light here.

I have branded Eleanor de Freitas a serial false accuser because she had made other false allegations of a non-sexual nature, including of her parents attempting to poison her.

January 4, 2013: In London, Eleanor de Freitas accuses Alexander Economou of drugging and raping her on December 20, 2012. The police don’t get round to or bother to carry out a proper investigation, but he does. He finds CCTV evidence that proves she lied. He also obtains disclosure of an earlier false rape allegation against another man. As he is both rich and a man not to be messed with, Mr Economou brings a private prosecution against her. She commits suicide three days before she is due to stand trial.

This official document gives some background to the case.

Here is a report on her mental health prepared by a shrink, for what it is worth.

And here is the CCTV footage that proves this woman lied, contrary to the delusional assertions of her father.


“CCTV shows Eleanor de Freitas buying £340 worth of sex toys with Alexander Economou just hours after she said she was raped.”

At the end of June 2020, I received some stunning news about Eleanor de Freitas. She had made a porn video that had been uploaded to Pornhub, one of the largest and busiest pornographic websites in the world.

The word pornography always has negative connotations, but it can mean anything from rough sketches of the human body to full length feature films of human beings performing acts of the utmost depravity. Most people today do not regard simple depictions of naked women as pornographic per se, and neither did our ancestors. There are limits though.

The video below is of Eleanor de Freitas at work, entertaining a fellow degenerate. She uses the name Marilyn but it certainly looks like her, and I have been informed by someone who knew her that it definitely is her.

The video may take a little while to load because it has been archived. I have no intention of keeping filth like this on any of my websites or on my hard disk.

I managed to contact the gent she is entertaining, but he failed to respond to my follow up e-mail.

Before you watch it, be warned, it is not for the prudish!

Eleanor de Freitas at work.

I am not making a value judgment, but if you have watched the video you will understand why the son of a Greek shipping tycoon didn’t consider her the type of girl he could take home to meet mother. It is also clear to me that apart from “breasts to die for” everything about Eleanor de Freitas was fake. I am not the least bit surprised she would have falsely accused a man of rape, and had she not taken the easy way out, she would undoubtedly have falsely accused someone else at some point.

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