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The following list is entirely of my own making, suffice it to say that others have at times made similar efforts to both explain false rape allegations and to categorise accusers. Some false accusers may fall into more than one category; if the reader wants to classify any of them, there are plenty of types from which to choose!

A couple of things I should add with regard to modern cases. An astounding number of these false allegations are shown to be false by dint of late Twentieth and now Twenty-First Century technology. Although television has been around since the 1920s, cameras sometime before that, and surveillance since ancient times, it is only within my lifetime and then only really the second half of it that CCTV has been both relatively cheap and practical. DNA profiling is an even more recent development; the first DNA exoneration in the United States, that of Gary Dotson, dates to only 1989.

Then there are the police, although at times their behaviour can be reprehensible – as I know all too well from my own personal experience – at other times they go the extra mile. One of the appellations by which they are known is The Filth. This is actually part insult, part compliment, because if they did not have nasty, dirty, suspicious, filthy minds, many of the false accusers on this list would never have been brought to book due to the lengths some of them will go, which at times beggar belief. In some cases the police search for extra evidence to bolster the prosecution case, and what they find astounds even hardened and cynical detectives, as with Rhiannon Brooker. At other times no doubt they have a gut instinct that the damsel concerned is playing them. As you work your way through especially the modern cases, ask yourself how many of the victims of these false allegations would still be in prison today were it not for CCTV, DNA, and police officers with filthy minds. Ask yourself too how many totally innocent men in the past have spent years, perhaps decades in prison, or have even been executed, because modern investigative techniques were not available to the detectives of the day.


Types Of False Rape Accuser


AIN’T NUTHIN’ LIKE A GANG BANG: Like men, many women fantasise about group sex, but unless they are rich or have something else going for them, men have fewer opportunities to make this fantasy come true. Unfortunately or otherwise, some women soon realise that the reality of this type of sexual adventure is very different from the fantasy. The reader will find several examples here of women who have had sex with two men or even several and who have regretted it almost at once. In the cases of Danmell Ndonye and Tamara Moonier, this would almost certainly have led to long prison sentences for totally innocent men; in the former case, young men whose youth and entire futures would have been trashed. Here is some sound advice, guys, along with the HEAD CASES, give the sluts a miss. Under certain circumstances, this category may be considered a subset of EMBARRASSMENT/GUILT/INFIDELITY/SHAM.

ASKING FOR IT: Although this is a subset of SCORNED WOMAN, it deserves an entry in its own right. One of the so-called rape myths promulgated tirelessly by the sisterhood, by the media, and at times by even the legal establishment, is that many people including some victims believe if a woman is raped she must have “asked for it” either by the way she dressed or by the way she acted. Does anyone really believe this? Perhaps the judge who fined a rapist £2,000 at Ipswich Crown Court in January 1982, but apart from him and perhaps Chrissie Hynde?

By the same token, while no man deserves to be falsely accused of rape, there are indeed some men who “ask for it”. It is difficult not to feel at least some sympathy for old maid Karen Farmer; she met a man 12 years her junior, who dined out at her expense, had a bunk up on the train, then left her to find her own way home. She had expected to spend the night with him. Yes, on a first date! At the very least if he had no intention of seeing her again he should have gone Dutch.

It goes without saying that some men treat women, including the women in their lives, far, far worse than that. Unlike Karen Farmer, it is difficult to feel any sympathy at all for this bloke. While a woman who falsely accuses a man who has done her no wrong – a stranger perhaps – deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, a man who mistreats any woman should remember what that Congreave geezer said all those years ago, Hell hath no fury...

One final piece of advice guys, if you do seek the services of a whore, make sure that you a) video the encounter and b) pay her. Or you could end up in big trouble, like these three.

ASYLUM SNEAKER/ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT/REFUGEE: This circus has become so outrageous that at times even those on the left have spoken out against it. Almost everyone (usually someone who is not white) who wants to emigrate to one of those horribly racist countries like England, has a hard luck story to tell. Men claim political persecution. What do women claim? You guessed. According to Women Against Rape: 70% of women seeking asylum in the UK have suffered rape and other sexual violence. Sure they have. If you are raped, report it to your local police station, don’t jump on a plane here. How stupid do you think us white people are? Although the argument about the actual number of false rape reports and allegations continues to generate controversy, it is my personal belief that the vast majority, ie practically all allegations of rape advanced in asylum cases, are fake. Most of those listed here were found in legal databases, including BAILII. Along with ludicrous date rape cases they are among the most outrageous; I could have included many more here but have rejected anything even remotely borderline.

Although she did not claim to have been raped herself, in a 2006 documentary, the anti-Islamic bigot Ayaan Hirsi Ali made some candid admissions about this practice and the collusion of agencies that assist refugees to enter or stay in the West. These people are almost always lawyers of a certain type, leftists, or simply professional race-mixers. Here is a short clip from her interview with the film-makers.

Having said all that, check out the Diallo case to see how such false claims can undermine genuine allegations of sexual assault. And for an extreme case of false allegation coupled with fraud, check out this woman.

More generally see THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF, (below).

ATTENTION SEEKER: This can be a woman who jumps on a CELEBRITY rape BANDWAGON, as in the extraordinary Bill Cosby case that blew up in 2014. Some of the women on that particular bandwagon were simply publicity whores, but attention seekers are not necessarily chasing some sort of proxy fame or money, they literally just want to draw attention to themselves. See for example the Conor Oberst incident and the case of Michelle Grafton. Neither of these cases involved multiple accusers, but if Oberst had not nipped this false allegation in the bud, he might well have been faced with more of these demented or just plain twisted females crawling out of the woodwork to point the finger at him.

BANDWAGONER: When an allegation is made against a particular individual, there is always a chance that others may come forward with the same or similar allegations against the same person, especially if the accused is a CELEBRITY. This may happen even if the allegation has not received substantial publicity. In the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, a sexual predator with a badge, Shaneice Barksdale made a gratuitously false allegation against him saying when her duplicity came to light that she had wanted to help the prosecution case. In the UK, a gratuitously inaccurate documentary about the recently deceased Jimmy Savile led to not simply a bandwagon but a witch-hunt against celebrities of unimaginable proportions.

BIG LIE: The big lie technique was expounded by a certain Herr Hitler in his book Mein Kampf; although he is often credited with advocating it, he did not. That does not mean of course that he never practised it; he was a politician, after all! The psychology of the big lie is simple, accuse somebody, some group of people, or whoever of a massive crime or many crimes, and people think no smoke without fire. In sexual abuse prosecutions, this will often involve multiple charges. Accuse a man of one rape, and the jury might give him the benefit of the doubt; accuse him of raping twenty different victims, and people (jurors especially) may think, can all those women really be lying? This worked with Rolf Harris, but not with the false allegations against Michael Jackson – neither of those cases involved rape, incidentally.

It is not only the police and prosecutors who use this technique, but self-styled survivors, including Natasha Herzig and Somaly Mam.

BUYER’S REMORSE/REGRET SEX: A woman goes to bed with a prince, and wakes up next to a frog. She might simply shrug her shoulders and put it down to experience; she might think to herself, God, I must have been drunk. Or...Many, many false allegations of date rape including one-night stands fall into this category. Over the past few years it has become dangerous in especially but not only the UK for any man to take a woman to bed after she has or both of them have had a few drinks. All she has to say is she can’t remember what happened last night or claim she was too drunk to consent.


The above is a riposte to the rape culture fanatics by Men’s Rights Edmonton.

Also known as relabelling, this type of false rape accusation will have most or all of the following characteristics: the non-victim will not scream, punch, bite or resist in any way, manner, shape or form, so there will be no honest witnesses to testify that she did. She will not be injured unless she has inflicted said injuries on herself, where she does, this is better characterised as CAPRICE or MALICE. She may regret the sex immediately (including during the act), days, months, years or even decades later. This type of regret sex is extremely common with students, often because they have been brainwashed by rad-fems, see also CAMPUS ACCUSER, (below). Examples include perpetrator Christina Heaslet – immediate – and victim Ben Sullivan – delayed.

For a stellar example of a non-student accuser who was unable to distinguish between lack of consent and instant regret, check out the case of Charlotte Lane. The Nile Ranger case is an absurd example of alcohol-induced amnesia.

This database includes also a number of lesbians who had sex with men, regretted it, then cried rape. See the category I’M A LESBIAN, (below).

CAMPUS ACCUSER/FEMINIST BRAINWASHING: This category overlaps with both BUYER’S REMORSE/REGRET SEX and HEAD CASE as well as PROFESSIONAL LIAR. Although this phenomenon is largely of North American origin, it has long since reared its ugly head in the UK. Classic false accusers in this category are Landen Gambill and Emma Sulkowicz, both of them seriously disturbed young women. Although superficially attractive, every red-blooded heterosexual male should give them and women like them a wide berth.



CAPRICE: Just as serial killers often murder people for no particular reason, so do women and girls make false rape allegations for no rational or even irrational reason. In short, they do it because they can.

CELEBRITY ACCUSER: Celebrities are often the target of false rape and other spurious allegations, some of them bordering on the absurd. There are prosaic reasons for this. Whoever you are, even if you are the nicest guy in your city, someone will hate you. It may be because you are rich, famous, attractive, it may be simply that you said something innocuous on one occasion that somebody found offensive and thinks you should be made to pay for it. With the rise of the Internet and especially social media, we have seen something called trolling. Now every vindictive, spiteful or deranged individual has a voice along with the rest of us. There is a long list of celebrities who have been accused of rape; very occasionally the allegation may be true – Mike Tyson is probably the most high profile rapist of our era. The vast majority of such allegations are not true. Falsely accused celebrities include politicians and businessmen as well as actors and musicians, indeed any man or woman who is in the public eye for any period of time is a potential victim of some false allegation.



CHINESE WHISPERS/RUMOUR MILL: The phenomenon of Chinese whispers is well known, if not always by that name, rumours more so. Rumours – malign and otherwise – start for all kinds of reasons, often innocent ones, more often not so. A few years ago I received a call from a concerned friend, who wasn’t so concerned when he recognised my voice on the other end of the phone. He had heard from an idiot (who should have known better) that I was dead. This man was confusing me with Alexander Baron (1917-99), the author and dramatist.

Doubtless you have had at least one similar experience, if not about your premature demise, then something you are alleged to have done, etc. In November 1994, teenager Edward Polec was beaten to death after it was reported that a girl had been raped – not necessarily by him. Other times rumours are started deliberately and with malice aforethought, as in the equally tragic case of Tom Acton.

COPYCAT: Not to be confused with BANDWAGONING, the copycat accuser makes a false rape allegation either against another man rather than one already falsely accused, a fictitious one, or possibly a rapist at large. In April 2006, a teenage girl and a woman (Dawn Delay) made similar false allegations within days of each other, the latter clearly being “inspired” by the former. See also the 2001 case of Samantha Gaches.

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS/GOOD SAMARITAN/NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED: The faux damsel in this type of false rape case lures a man into helping her, not necessarily with a promise of sex, and then accuses him of rape. Typically, the Good Samaritan motorist is the victim. Perpetrators include Jacqueline Padmore (who might also be filed under GIVE ME MONEY below), Shabnam Masood, and the quite despicable Temitope Adenugba.

DEDICATED FABRICATION: The narrative expounded by professional liars such as Lisa Longstaff is that most false rape allegations are not false at all, rather the police prosecute women who retract knowing full well they have been raped, while the extremely tiny number of actual false allegations results from women who have mental health issues and are therefore deserving of sympathy rather than prosecution. This is clearly not the case, and just as not all rapes are created equal, so too are some false rape allegations worse than others, in some cases, far, far worse. A large number of women don’t simply get caught in a lie that spirals out of control, but plan their fabricated allegations for days, weeks, even months, sometimes inflicting significant bodily harm on themselves. Student false accuser Morgan Triplett hired a man to beat her up! Often such allegations are made against a particular individual, perhaps for no particular reason, and in this connection we can mention the case of Alison Welfare, and arguably one of the worst fabrications ever, that perpetrated by Rhiannon Brooker.

DON’T BELIEVE A WORD/PATHOLOGICAL LIAR: You can add compulsive liar, factitious rape, Munchhausen syndrome, pseudologia fantastica, or any number of other fancy terms, but there are some people – men as well as women – for whom lying is a way of life. Not people who might have valid (if illegal) reasons to lie: professional criminals, drug dealers, or some such. Nor people who lie to advance themselves socially, to impress their peers, or to get a job (many people lie on their CVs). The reader will find herein many women who have lied not only about being raped but about many other things time and time again, for no rational reason.

EMBARRASSMENT/GUILT/INFIDELITY/SHAME: Women (and girls) who have had consensual sexual encounters have been known to lie about them for all manner of reasons, but these four are among the most common, and frequently go together. There are times though when a woman or girl may feel embarrassed, guilty and ashamed without having sex as in the tragic case of victim Johnathan Montgomery whose accuser was caught by her mother looking at “dirty pictures”, while Robin Levitski had consensual sex with a man and was caught by her grandmother looking at the incriminating photographs.

Very occasionally, a false allegation of this kind may have not simply tragic but fatal consequences, as in the case of false accuser Tracey Roberson.

And in the name of gender equality, check out the case of the apparently heterosexual Robert O’Brien who had perverted sex with another man and rationalised it by accusing him of rape.

FALSE AND TRUE: When Rebecca Harland was raped by a drug dealer, rather than point the finger at him, she accused a former lover out of spite. In his September 2015, BBC Television Hard Talk interview, Paul Gambaccini – one of the victims of the Operation Yewtree witch-hunt – said that some of those making false allegations against celebrities had actually been sexually abused in the past, but put a famous face on the abuser (for whatever reason).

This is undoubtedly true in a handful of cases, but one rape educator has gone on record with a more far reaching claim. The facile apologia of airhead Louise Nicholas belongs in feminist wonderland, in particular one wonders how anyone ever takes any of this flim-flam seriously, while at the other end of the Universe, the shocking case of 8 year old rape victim ALICIA WADE is in a class by itself.

FALSE CONFESSION: False confessions to all manner of crimes are surprisingly common, especially murder. Some 200 people are said to have confessed to the notorious 1932 Lindbergh baby murder. False confessions to rape are rarer, and where they do happen are usually made under duress.

In the United States, it is not unusual for district attorneys to threaten defendants – the guilty as well as the innocent – with horrendous sentences unless they plead guilty. Brian Banks and Ray Spencer were both effectively bludgeoned into pleading guilty. The 1997 Norfolk Four case involved the rape and murder of a young married woman, and led to false confessions – in double quick time – by four naval personnel. With the necessary caveats though, false confessions to imaginary rapes appear to be extremely rare, a notable exception being this anonymous Irish case.

FALSE MEMORY/RECOVERED MEMORY/THERAPY: Even before the pioneering work of Elizabeth Loftus, human memory was recognised as a fragile thing. Books like The Courage To Heal and the wrong kind of therapy have contributed to the nonsense of recovered memories and repressed memories; the result has been catastrophic for not only innocent men but for entire families.

I have included some cases of therapy-induced false memories here but the subject is vast; its victims in the United States run into the tens of thousands. Many of these false memories concern not mere rape but truly bizarre stuff, including things that are physically impossible.

FANTASIST/HEAD CASE: A surprising, nay a terrifying number of women and girls these days are demented, and accuse men of rape for no rational reason at all. Others appear to sincerely believe they have been raped. One of the most shocking cases of a fantasist is Lorraine Miles. In the case of victim Anthony Tovey, the woman who accused him appears to have done so for...pick a reason.

Arguably the most dangerous type of fantasist is the prepubescent girl (or on ocassion boy) or young teen. It is extremely difficult for jurors – ordinary people – or even hardened and cynical police officers, to see their testimony for what it is. See for example the case of John Harber who was thankfully acquitted at Guildford Crown Court.

GENUINE MISTAKE: This is more common than you might think. See for example the report that a girl was raped by a group of boys in a shopping centre. More thematically, women who are drunk or under the influence of drugs may believe they have been raped, even if they have not had sex. See also FANTASIST/HEAD CASE above. Leaving aside PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME, very young children may believe they have been sexually assaulted, and so may not only parents but medical professionals. The Cleveland child sexual abuse scandal is the classic example of this.

Mental conditions like schizophrenia can also cause hallucinations and delusions of rape, as can Old Hag Syndrome – also known as sleep paralysis. The human mind is a fragile thing.

GIVE ME MONEY: In the modern era, false rape allegations made purely from financial motives are surprisingly rare, but they do happen, see for example the Cyprus insurance scam. Blackmail and extortion also figure in the armoury of the false rape accuser, for example Maria Hnatiuk. There has also on occasion been large scale fraud as in the Kenyan case reported here at December 14, 2006.

Another, entirely different type of case from Kenya and elsewhere is that of the prostitute who lies in order to get free medical treatment. This South African woman was not a prostitute, but the end result is the same. In view of their low estate, it would be unfair to judge these women as harshly as some of the false accusers in this database.

The Old Bailey proceedings (1674-1913) contain a number of rape allegations which appear to have been made solely for financial reasons, most if not all of which were surely false. As rape was capital for most of that time, this is perhaps not that surprising. A number of such cases are included here.

HATE CRIME HOAX: When the false accuser and victim are not of the same race, there is always a suspicion of a racial motive. Tawana Brawley went the extra mile to create a racial angle in her notorious hoax, but the bottom line is that she was just a mixed up kid. Nevertheless, the two hoaxes at Brighton, Colorado in April 2006 (the latter of which was a COPYCAT) and of course the notorious 1931 Scottsboro case may be legitimately included in this category of false accuser.

HISTORICAL ALLEGATIONS: Also known as (the grammatically incorrect) HISTORIC, allegations of this nature are as you might think extremely easy to make, difficult to investigate, and often impossible to either prove or disprove. They tend also to attract every chancer and every BANDWAGONER in sight who feel free to spew their venom over the rich, the famous (alive or dead), old schoolteachers, neighbours and relatives. In the UK, they can do this in anonymity and with total impunity.

Historical allegations are generated by both police and media trawls. In December 2014, the former DJ Ray Teret was given a 25 year sentence for sexually abusing underage girls. That conviction was sound, but the truly shocking fact that emerged from this investigation is that Greater Manchester Police went to incredible lengths to ensure that the evidence of one accuser did not contaminate another; they also found physical evidence, literally writing on a wall.

The implication of this careful, methodical investigation is that the British police are fully aware of the dangers of using uncorroborated testimony and of the way these bandwagons work, yet in other investigations they have gone all out to convict, one might rightly say to frame, innocent men based on the testimony of both head cases and shameless liars. They know full well that most juries find it difficult to get their heads round the idea that all those accusers must be lying or else it can only be a conspiracy. Prosecutors are fond of using this kind of dishonest rhetoric, but fortunately it does not always succeed, as for example in the trial of William Roache.

Prosecutions of historical false rape accusers are extremely rare, but there have been a few, Sajid Bharucha for example.

HOAXER: While many false rape allegations can be labelled hoaxes, this term is reserved for those people – men as well as women – who make phone calls to the police and such claiming to have been raped or to have witnessed a rape. By and large I have not included such false accusers in this database, but a couple are worthy of note: Jacqueline Hustler – who is filed under HEAD CASE, and Samantha Gaches.


I MIGHT BE PREGNANT: Typically a younger woman, perhaps a teenager, has consensual sex with a stranger, then makes a false allegation to cover her back. Perpetrators include Katie Davis and Kelsie Brittian.

I WANT A FREE RIDE: Taxi drivers are targeted by false rape accusers more than most. This appears to be a relatively new phenomenon. Often the allegation is merely of attempted rape, as in the 2009 case of Rosie Waggett, the 2010 case of Gemma Hasson, or as in this amusing video. Presumably in most cases the perpetrator wants merely to avoid paying the fare so causes a spectacle to intimidate the driver and perhaps to attract the attention of members of the public. Some allegations are more serious though, see for example the Stockholm case and Mohammed Asif.


A brilliant cartoon based on the classic saying: when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


I WANT AN ABORTION: The woman at the centre of Roe v Wade, (1973) claimed she was used by her two feminist attorneys who told her to claim she was raped. While Norma McCorvey may not be the most reliable of witnesses, there can be no doubt that many women have since successfully sought abortions by claiming falsely to have been raped. Including in Brazil.

I’M A LESBIAN: This could be classed as a subset of BUYER’S REMORSE or EMBARRASSMENT/GUILT/INFIDELITY/SHAME, but it deserves a category of its own, small though it may be. See for example the case of Alesha Watkins.

INDIAN ATTACK: Primarily for cultural reasons, many false rape allegations in India arise out of this kind of scenario: guy meets gal; guy wants to get into gal’s knickers so swears his undying love, devotion, promises marriage, etc. Gal is swept off her feet and into bed. Guy says thanks for the ride, carves another notch on his bedpost, and moves on to his next conquest. Reprehensible though such behaviour may be, it does not amount to rape. A woman who wants to exact revenge on a man who has used her for the proverbial one thing should think long and hard before sinking even lower than her faux suitor.


Since the dreadful December 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident, false rape allegations have mushroomed in India, and even the mainstream press has become cynical about them; the above cartoon was lifted from the website of The Hindu newspaper.


LIKE A VIRGIN: Difficult though it may be to credit, some false rape accusers are found to be virgo intacta, see for example the tragic case of Francis Reynolds. This begs the obvious question, are those involved in the legal process doing their homework? Having said that, check out this remarkable anomaly.

MAN-HATERS AND FEMALE PSYCHOPATHS: A woman who makes an allegation out of sheer MALICE (see below) is one thing, but far worse than that is the female psychopath. Generally, society, including the criminal justice system, gives women far too little credit in the evil stakes. Many false rape allegations are excused as being due to mental health issues, which means what? That the perpetrator is still a victim, even when she is not.

If you incur the wrath of a male psychopath for any reason, or even if you don’t, you may end up with a glass in the face or a knife in the back. Cross a female psychopath, and she may falsely accuse you of rape or some lesser crime of a sexual nature. This means female psychopaths are far more cunning than their male counterparts, and at times far more dangerous. A physical assault may have dire consequences for the perpetrator, at times more so than for the victim, but a carefully planned false rape allegation entails little or no risk, especially if it is backdated; no physical evidence is required, and in a classic she said/he said situation, the accused is on a hiding-to-nothing.

There are doubtless many female psychopaths in this database, including almost certainly Crystal Mangum – the notorious Duke Lacrosse false accuser who went on to murder her lover; and serial false rape accuser Sara Ylen.

It remains to be seen how many false accusers are actual man-haters, but there are many man-haters working in the sexual grievance industry including and especially Julie Bindel who together with her lesbian lover Harriet Wistrich turned serial false rape accuser and convicted murderess Emma Humphreys into a feminist icon.

MEDIA ACCUSER: Awhile ago, a YouTuber said in his opinion, any woman who accused a man of rape publicly before filing an official report should be treated as a false accuser. In an age when literally billions of people have access to social media, this is a good rule of thumb. For that reason, mere media accusations have not been included in this database, by and large.

MISSED CURFEW: This is one of the classic false rape allegations, and one that can easily spiral out of control, as in the case of victim David J. Kocalis. There can be variations on this, and the accuser need not be a teenager. For example, Sabrina Johnson cried rape when she was late for work.

NO-CRIME REPORT: This is not a category of accuser as such, rather it is a police response. As can be seen from this UK Freedom Of Information Act request from West Midlands Police and this request for Northern Ireland, no-criming rates vary considerably. The usual suspects have made much of this, claiming that a certain type of woman is not being taken seriously when she reports her rape. This applies often to women who have consumed alcohol but also to prostitutes and others. Some go further and imply either that the police are more concerned with massaging their crime clear up rates for public relations reasons or are even part of a sinister conspiracy to protect sexual predators.

This latter implication is unfair. Most male police officers have women in their lives: mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, some have granddaughters...and want to see the genuine rapist taken off the street as much as the next man. One would imagine female police officers feel even more strongly about this because they too could be potential victims, so what is really happening here?

Unless and until documentation relating to large tranches of no-crime reports are placed in the public domain or at the very least analysed by responsible, unbiased academics, we can only speculate intelligently. When a woman reports a rape, the officers dealing with it have to make an assessment, in particular, is this complaint credible, and are we going to spend time and resources investigating it and bringing the accused to court? If they feel it is not credible, then it is only reasonable they warn the complainant that if she is shown to be either lying or telling less than the whole truth, she could be the one who ends up in the dock.

It is clear that at times they go the extra mile to do this, and oftentimes the accuser does not appreciate just how reasonable they are being. A stellar example is the February 1996 case of Jennifer Cook who made a totally false and emotional allegation of indecent assault against a police officer, one she repeated even after being informed that the entire traffic stop had been caught on video; she could have destroyed that man’s reputation, lost him his job, his pension, and even landed him in gaol, and for what?

Of course, the police do make the wrong call on occasion, as in the appalling mistreatment of Sara Reedy, but in the UK especially the authorities have been pursuing weak and at times ridiculous cases with vigour, which is the main reason for the supposedly so low conviction rate.

NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY: At one time, calling somebody a conspiracy theorist was regarded as a put-down. With the revelations of Mark Kennedy, that particular put-down sounds a lot less convincing nowadays when it comes from police officers, but it is not the police who are most likely to conspire to fabricate a false rape allegation, rather it is the non-victim and her willing accomplice(s), which may include or even consist entirely of teenage girls. See for example entries for August 2002, Croydon and January 13, 2003, Chippenham.

PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME/SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS IN DIVORCE SYNDROME: The former is a generic term for a wide number of behaviours which can involve male perpetrators as well as females. Basically, a parent in a custody dispute brainwashes her (or his) offspring in order to be awarded sole custody. A woman will make false allegations of domestic abuse, child abuse and child sexual abuse; a man may attempt to portray the mother of his child(ren) as a slut. Allegations of actual rape appear to be rare, but they do occur.

The latter which gives us the acronym S.A.I.D. is more of the same except the sexual allegations are directed solely by wives at husbands. Surprise, surprise. See for example the 1994 article Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth.

PERFECT VICTIM: One of the claims made by anti-rape activists (so-called) and feminist academics in particular is that too much attention is paid to the character and behaviour of the accuser in many rape cases. This claim is not totally without merit; we live in an imperfect world, and like most men, most women have done things they regret or would not have done if they could turn back the clock. Just because a woman is a convicted thief, a known prostitute or even an habitual liar does not mean she cannot have been raped. These issues can be relevant though, as can the character of the man she accuses. Are we really supposed to believe that the accusations of a woman of ill-repute should have the same weight as the denials of an honest man, or that the denials of a convicted paedophile should be given the same credence as the accusations of his schoolgirl accuser?

This can cause serious problems for both the police and the courts. The case of Roy Burnett is an example of a convicted sex offender being convicted of a rape that never happened. And as perfect victims go, they don’t come more perfect than prison psychologist Laura Martinez except perhaps the nun who accused a mythical black man of raping her on a New York street! This database contains false reports from many perfect victims.

POISON PEN LETTER: It would take Eternity and a day to list every lunatic rape allegation that appears in cyberspace, but poison pen letters deserve a special mention. Before the world and his dog went on-line, they were a major, perhaps the major, weapon in the arsenal of trouble-makers with sick minds. They are still used here and there; anyone can send an e-mail in a minute, but someone who takes the time and effort to sit down and type or even put pen to paper warrants more attention than a suspicious e-mail that might be consigned to the spam folder. In theory at least.

Unlike the one sent about Ian Adams that resulted in tragedy, poison pen letters are not all confined to allegations of sexual impropriety.

PRETEXT FOR MURDER: When a woman murders her husband, lover or indeed any man, there is often a chance she will claim she was the victim of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. A stellar example of this is Zoora Shah. On occasion, this flim-flam is used by men too, as in the murder of the Canadian homosexual James Shannon, when it is known as the HOMOSEXUAL PANIC DEFENCE.



PROFESSIONAL LIAR: This type of false rape accuser does not claim to have been raped herself – although she may. Profesional liars include feminist academics, rad-fems generally, and anti-rape (so-called) activists. They can and do lie about particular cases, but mostly they concentrate on churning out absurd research including self-serving statistics and contrived narratives. These women have absolutely no respect for the truth. See for example Who Invented Rape Culture? And for a stunning example of a fabricated incident by a self-styled “independent rape counselor” check out the now almost forgotten GW Hatchet case.

RAPE FANTASY: Few things make rad-fems fume more than the claim that women fantasise about being raped, yet there is a considerable body of reliable scientific evidence that they do. Some of the romance novels they have traditionally read bear witness to this. Several rational reasons have been put forward for the attraction of rape fantasies, one is that most women don’t like to be thought of as sluts, and if a woman makes the first move when she meets a guy she likes, she might be so thought. A girl has to put up at least a token resistance unless she wants to be publicly branded an easy lay. But, does any sane woman want to be raped, seriously? Perhaps we should use a less emotive term than fantasise. A soldier may think or dream of dying a hero’s death on the battlefield rather than fade away, as the saying goes, but does any soldier really want to die in battle instead of live in comfort to a ripe old age?

Having said all that, there are some women who clearly do have rape fantasies, as is evinced by their willingness to participate in amateur porn films featuring abduction and rape scenes. A classic example of a faux victim playing out a rape fantasy is the teenager who accused a taxi driver of raping her in August 1996. Then there is Mary Gullickson, who went one better.

RECANTATION: This alludes specifically to false accusers who recant of their own free will, usually out of guilt, not to those who confess when the game is up. Cases include Biurny Peguero (guilt), Wanetta Gibson (clearly of very low intelligence), and victim Ray Spencer (whose kids were brainwashed).

While just as it is better for men not to rape women, so is it better for women not to falsely accuse men of rape. That being said, those women who genuinely recant deserve acknowledgment. Part of the usual rape narrative is that it takes “great courage” for any woman to come to court and point the finger at her alleged violator, even if she does it anonymously and from behind a screen while the man she is accusing may in some cases be either very old or in many cases in prison already.

The truth is that courtrooms, especially in the UK, are intimidating places for defence witnesses as much as prosecution witnesses, and most of all for defendants. Nevertheless, it does indeed take great courage for a woman who has done a man a monstrous injustice to attempt to put it right. Cathleen Crowell Webb persisted with her recantation even after a judge rejected it. These women should be given credit, knowing how difficult it is to get out of a hole when one has kept digging for so long, and knowing too the consequences they face, which for Biurny Peguero was a sentence of up to three years in prison.

SCANDALMONGER/SENSATIONALISER: See also BANDWAGONER and CELEBRITY ACCUSER. The term publicity whore is also apt, although often such women (and men) make false allegations that have little or nothing to do with sex, perhaps criminal assault or drug taking. An extreme case of this type of vindictive individual was Bambina Maude Delmont who accused the actor Fatty Arbuckle of raping Virginia Rappe.

SCORNED WOMAN/SPITE/MALICE/REVENGE: Many, many women make false allegations of rape to get back at a man for some real or perceived wrong, against a certain type of man – celebrities for example – or men in general. A few examples are Philippa Costello, Karen Farmer, and Lynette (Bad Sex) Lee. Zoe Arama accused a man of raping her because she thought he had cheated a friend out of $50. Men in certain professions are often the targets of false allegations, not necessarily rape. Schoolteachers are targeted by false accusers for all manner of reasons. Celebrity false accusers have their own section – above – but prostitutes do not. Having said that, the reader will find a few cases herein of both regular prostitutes and women who prostituted themselves then accused their johns of rape; the usual reason is because the guy left without paying or otherwise scammed the whore, as in this 1974 case from Sarasota.

SERIAL FALSE ACCUSER: Surprisingly, there are a lot of these, quite a few women have made either two or more false rape allegations or a false rape allegation and false allegations of other crimes. Two extreme cases of not simply serial false accusers but serial false rape accusers are Leanne Black and Sara Ylen.

TAKE IT LIKE A MAN: False rape allegations by homosexuals are traditionally extremely rare, for two reasons. One is that it is only within my lifetime these obscene practices have been legal, and as with the Holtzclaw case, people who live outside or on the fringes of the law are understandably reluctant to report even serious crimes against themselves. The other reason is that due to the extreme promiscuity of especially many young homosexuals, the risks of rape are far outweighed by the easy option. Nevertheless, there have been in recent years quite a few cases of homosexual rape, and a few false allegations.

TEA AND SYMPATHY: Many false rape allegations are made solely or primarily to generate sympathy for the poor victim, see for example the drunken schoolgirl from 2007.

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF: Have you heard or at least heard about this famous fable by Aesop? Of course you have. Its meaning is that if you keep crying wolf, or fire, or anything, eventually people will ignore you. Which is bad news if you really are attacked by a wolf or if your house is on fire.

There is a surprising amount of case law especially in the United States relating to previous claims of false rape or false anything, with regard to the treatment of witnesses and especially the cross-examination of accusers in rape and related cases. For me this is yet another indication of the full extent of false rape allegations in especially the West today. See in particular the case of David Oscroft-Jones in which the mother of an alleged victim admitted under cross-examination that her daughter had previously cried rape; and the earlier case of Douglas Caswell which resulted (rightly) in his conviction.

VIGILANTE MAN: This is not a category of false rape accuser as such, rather it involves false rape allegations that have led to vigilante attacks. Having said that, some of these false allegations were undoubtedly made with the intention of provoking violence or even murder, most notably the shocking case of Ashley Elrod, Cooper Jackson and Justin Huff. The case of Steven Macleod and John Chalmers is at the other end of the scale.

WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?: The Satanic abuse cases of the 1980s and 90s proved the mantra “We believe the children” to be no more reliable than the later “Believe women”. While the testimony of the very young, especially preschoolers, can be unreliable for all sorts of reasons including coaching by therapists and a genuine inability to distinguish truth from fantasy, older girls (and boys) are quite capable of telling gratuitous and vicious lies about people they hate, or lying for other reasons. An extreme case of this is the 15 year old who framed a 13 year old boy for raping her in a graveyard. Younger girls have been known to do equally wicked things, and even to conspire with others in order to effect them.

POSTSCRIPT: A few final points, these can apply to many of the above categories.

When an alleged victim claims to have been raped orally, vaginally and anally (not necessarily in that order), this is a good indication that she is lying – see for example the 2010 case of Jodie Simpson. However, this is not always so, for example, in the notorious Roman Polanski case, the victim was violated in said fashion, in spite of her later apparently bizarre claim that she was not raped but had engaged in non-consensual sex. [This article is from the London Times, November 5, 1997, page 17].

With the necessary caveats, an accuser who delays in reporting a rape is clearly to be regarded with skepticism. In particular, a reasonably intelligent, educated woman who claims to have been raped by a stranger last year, last month or even three days ago is probably lying. No one should fall for any of that guff about rape trauma syndrome. A notable exception to this rule is Desiree Washington, who delayed reporting after she was raped by Mike Tyson, but the physical evidence was still there, and Tyson’s arrogance on the witness stand sealed his fate.

Likewise, a woman who accuses a man she knows but delays reporting is also probably lying unless she is cohabiting with or is dependent on him in some way. Women like Landen Gambill and Mattress Girl Sulkowicz are transparently false accusers, whether or not they are students. They are also a positive danger to any man who gets close to them or incurs their wrath, which may be for some totally irrational reason.

A woman who refuses a rape kit or any sort of test, DNA, etc, is quite likely lying, whatever pretext she gives.

Similarly a woman who refuses to cooperate with the police is very likely lying, especially if she fails to turn up for interviews and the like. See for example Comfort Yinusa.

A woman who fails a polygraph is not necessarily lying; these kinds of tests are junk science, their sole value is psychological. Serial killer Gary Ridgway passed a polygraph with flying colours. American police will often tell a suspect he has failed a polygraph hoping to blag a confession out of him. They are administered to rape accusers when the police suspect dishonesty, which may or may not be the case.

A woman who claims to have been subjected to a persistent campaign of harassment or stalking by an anonymous individual is almost always lying. That does happen on-line (trolls); people can been targeted by poison pen letters and even by vandals, etc, in the real world – men as well as women – but has a woman ever been so targeted and raped by a stranger over a period of months? See for example Gail Sherwood.

A woman or girl who claims to have been kidnapped, perhaps by more than one individual, then returned to the place from where she was kidnapped, is almost certainly lying, whether or not she claims to have been raped. See for example the entry for Casaundra Isaac, (May 22, 1987).

A rape allegation that is made first to the media is almost certainly false, and doubly so if there is no legal follow up. See for example Cosby false accuser Louisa Moritz. Rape is a felony, and should always be treated as such. And just in case you missed it, see also MEDIA ACCUSER above as well as my comments on celebrity self-styled victims/survivors in the Introduction.

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